About Us

Our History

In August 2020 we came up with the idea of the retail grocery store. So then we started a Superstore in Bhilai Gujarat. We successfully completed two months. Now we have Almost 5000 happy customers who are fully satisfied with our services and products.

Our Vision

Now we launching an e-commerce website and app for retail grocery and household Items. The very idea of this is to provide groceries direct to your doorsteps. For now, we Are starting this service for local areas but very soon we are going to expand our Services to different locations. Our motive is to provide this service to not only in big Cities but also in small towns.


As we all know that we are going through a very tough time during this pandemic Situation. Many of us faced problems regarding essential food supplies. So this is the Best way to get groceries and other items to your doorsteps by using technology. We Also, ensure that your every detail is safe and secure with us.